Brand Love


TVP has been an excellent resource for our team. When we started out on Shopify we had very little experience with the platform. However, under the guidance of TVP we were able to learn very quickly, and we soon began to expand our operation together.

I definitely recommend TVP as a Shopify Expert as they have consistently been a great team to work with. They are very friendly and are always willing to help us solve difficult eCommerce problems. 

-- Paul Pender, Store manager for Runkeeper


Working with TVP has been truly refreshing. True collaborative process entangled with stellar high quality products, creative marketing and well preformed execution. An authentic business relationship built on exceptional aptitude to deliver not only product but the message behind it makes our TVP products phenomenally successful.

We are grateful to TVP for their expertise and always look forward to collaborating on further product lines. 

-- Katie Evans, Director of The Ian Somerhalder Foundation




TVP: creative, original, savvy, professional and just plain cool. The talented team at TVP does a phenomenal job identifying our brand then expanding it with creative products that enable us to connect with our donors. Because of TVP's excellent design and marketing skills, we've been able to raise more funds and awareness to benefit what we care most about: making a difference and giving back to others in need.

-- Anna Staples, Director of Development for Kershaw's Challenge



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