Our Platform

Shrinking philanthropy. Dwindling donations. For non-profits, this is the universal trend. Fortunately, there are millions of people who still care…very much. And they’d love to show it by wearing your gear.

Producing merchandise is a no-brainer for any non-profit. You can fundraise, secure willing ambassadors to spread the word—and continue to fund great work. Working with TVP is a no-brainer, too, whether through our TVP Market platform or a more robust custom site.

Like a conscientious general store, our combined storefront groups together like-minded causes, and drives traffic to each—using strategic methods to cross-promote. You might find yourself sharing a department with a mega celebrity—or pointing your customers to some little-known non-profit that deserves big attention.

No matter which Storefront package you pick, we set it all up for you, helping with layout, graphic design, SEO, and more. You can run your own marketing effort—or just rely on ours. And once the word gets out, we help you to fulfill—shipping seamlessly and providing logistics-related customer service. Your only job? Sit back and harvest the cash.