Unfortunately, disease is a part of life that we cannot avoid. Despite impressive medical achievements over the past century or so we still find ourselves battling certain illnesses while new ones emerge that challenge both our emotional and academic fortitude. In the midst of these difficulties there are many organizations that have formed with the intent of battling these conditions - both by providing support to those affected and by researching cures and treatments. TVP is proud to say that we have collaborated with several such organizations. From one of the most unique support organizations around in Twist Out Cancer to one of the world's leading centers for sports rehabilitation in the Israel Sports Center for the Disabled

Each day we make progress in fighting certain diseases and conditions; yet others continue to emerge and confound us. It is important to stay vigilant and support those we know and care about. Help us make a statement about this cause and contact us at info@thevanityproject.org if you are involved with an organization in this space.